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BLOOD ROOT is a rare herb used by old-time conjures and root workers as a powerful Guardian for the Family. House of Aama AW’17 BLOODROOT collection is an ode to Southern Creole spiritually and African Roots. Hidden in plain sight. These are the tales of a Rootworker, Southern Lady and Bluesman.

Regal Duster Coat
Southern Girl Victorian Dress
Victorian Silky Pussybow Shirt Unisex
Paprika Silky Halter Top
Glamour Girl Silk Halter Top
Regal Halter Top
Botanical Boat Neck Top
Lavender Silk Wrap Skirt
Green Silk Wrap Skirt
Oya Palazzo Jumper-Vibrant Orange
Champagne Nude Silk Halter Top
Golden Brown Nude Silk Halter Top
Chocolate Brown Silk Halter Top
Tan Nude Silk Scarf
Tan Nude Silk Halter Top
Tan Nude Silk Wrap Skirt
Champagne Nude Silk Wrap Skirt
Golden Brown Nude Silk Wrap Skirt
Chocolate Brown Nude Silk Wrap Skirt
Golden Brown Nude Silk Scarf
Chocolate Brown Nude Silk Scarf
Chocolate Brown Victorian Silky Pussybow Shirt
Tan Victorian Silky Pussybow Shirt
Champagne Nude Silk Scarf
Brown Stripe Storyteller V-Neck Silk Top
Rebecca Pussybow Dress - Abstract Print
Green Silk Halter Top
Lavender Silk Halter Top
Southern Girl Black Victorian Dress-Pre-Order
Southern Girl Victorian Dress Mint- Pre-Order
Southern Girl Peach Victorian Dress-Pre-Order
Southern Girl Blue Victorian Dress-Pre-Order
Pussybow Dress - Creme Silk Charmeuse-Pre-Order
Country Girl Dress- Ivory Floral Silk Dupioni-Pre-Order
Cut Out Maxi Dress with Sailor Collar- Mint
Oya Palazzo Jumper - Tan/Orange
Blues Man Lumber Jacket - Blue Denim-Pre-Order
Lumber Pants- Blue Denim-Pre-Order
Blues Man Lumber Jacket - Yellow Twill-Pre-Order
Lumber Pants- Yellow Twill-Pre-Order
Blues Man Lumber Jacket - Brown Stretch Twill-Pre-Order
Lumber Pants - Brown Stretch Twill-Pre-Order
Ogun Military Jacket-Brown/Blue Paisley Corduroy-Pre-Order
Ogun Military Pants-Brown/Blue Paisley Corduroy-Pre-Order
Cherub Ogun Military Jacket-Tan/Creme Jacquard-Pre-Order
Cherub Ogun Military Pants-Tan/Creme Jacquard-Pre-Order
Storyteller V-Neck Lace Crochet Top-Pre-Order
Cherub Halter Top-Tan/Creme Jacquard-Pre-Order